First Entry

Okay, don’t really know what to write here. Just remembered the blog, visited it and now I’m writing.

I have been to several blog sites and posted several subjects but it seemed I can’t get into posting consistently and thus the reason for my  ever blogging platforms.

I can’t remember when I created a wordpress but now I’m deciding to relaunch, I’m still thinking what subjects to post though.

My purpose for this blog is simply for myself, something I would look back in the future. This was not my purpose from my earlier blogs as I focused on random musings and some scientific topics. Maybe I will still write about this subjects. Maybe something new. I don’t know yet. I’ll get there, no rush.

Another reason I can’t get into a blog was because of sole concentration and focus. I was writing novels for the past months and years-a lot of them. I mean, really hustling physically and mentally, writing more than five hours a day.  Now that I produced dozens of novels (Still unpublished) and gained experience then maybe it’s time I do something new and enter a new phase. Think about graduating as a student and becoming an employee. That’s how I feel here. I always write novels but rarely an article. So I thought this could be a way to somehow expand my horizon, and who knows what this could bring me.

Or maybe I’m just here out of boredom.

Date: 8/26/16, Friday

Time: 11:40 pm

Entry #: 002



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