Breath Gratitude

There will be times when our days will be good and days when it will be bad. Having your favorite chocolate ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and candy sprinkles and marshmallows on Friday afternoon is definitely a perfect day, on contrary having to stand from the chair and realize a red gum had stick to your butt pocket is a sure way for it to be a bad day, not only someone succeeded with his devious plans but also you felt totally stupid that you sat in the chair without looking on it.

Good or not, the question that lay is whether we are thankful for something. Thankful for what we have or do we just ignore the things that come to us, be it good or bad we don’t say our thanks anymore. Whatever that reason might be I think we should change our behavior to have a thankful heart at all times.

The appreciation may be to the one giving something. Like when someone gave you a gift and you say the magic word `thank you.` The appreciation is shown to the other person but more than that it has more to do with us than the other person. When we are grateful we acknowledge the graces we receive  and because we do so, we feel we are blessed and we become happier.

Meanwhile most of us already have that heart of thanks giving. We would thank someone when we receive something. Just like having a good day and a bad day, but we are only grateful for the good day. We look down in a bad day.

In fact it is when we are down that we should focus more on being grateful. When things become tougher we set our mood in the dark that the need to be grateful is more necessary. It is when we will feel we are blessed most. In the times when we are pitied with problems, it is the time we should thank most. Because it will be that time when we realized how heavy the things around us are that there are still good things happening to us, that no matter how much problem there is, there is something good. And because we are so down and gloomy we learn to appreciate the gift more. And to be thankful is not when we just receive something it is also looking around us and seeing the graces of our environment.

When it is summer learn to be thankful for the chance to have a Vit. D

When it is winter learn to be thankful for the cold and the chance to wear your Forever 21 sweater. And whoever said Forever 21 is for granny’s is right. Well, at least you have a Forever 21 sweater.  Anyway, to the point.

Say thanks for the air we breathe, the stars that shine our night. You know the drill.

There are a lot of things to be grateful for, often times we are busy thinking of what we don’t have than what we have they lost their great value in us. There are always things we don’t appreciate. A food is always there that we don’t thank for it anymore, because it is suppose to be there, well, we are also supposed to be grateful about it. A word or two will not hurt. We have to train ourselves to be thankful every now and then, because along the way, it changes us, it makes us happier.

By doing so we feel a change in us. We complain less on things and thus making us feel better. We no longer feel something lacking, instead we feel something is duplicating. And what is the thing that is duplicating? It is the things we are thankful for, multiplying many folds. Imagine, thanking the qualities of your boyfriend, he might just end up doing more of the thing your grateful for and sometimes some men also have to be thankful for the girlfriends that they have because they end up multiplying on their own.

Anyway, back to the point. Always be grateful. I have said that a dozen times already, because it is what we should be doing. Saying it a dozen times. Always. Everyday. Not when we just feel it. The act has to be a hobby. I always thank someone up there every night, no matter what.

We have to pay attention to our surrounding because there is always something to thank for. Look at the positives around us.

Keep doing it. Make it a hobby and see how it will impact your life. Only when we keep on doing it that we notice a change in our life.

Be gratitude.

Be thankful.

There is always something good in you.

There is always something good around you.

Pause. Breathe. Look.

Have a wonderful day!



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